LAM factsheets

Factsheet in 9 languages

We developed this factsheet with the help of LAM healthcare experts and women diagnosed with LAM from our LAM patient advisory group. These documents are organised by language.

Find a support group or organisation

Support groups & organisations in your country

The organisations and groups on this map provide LAM information and support.

If you have been diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) as well as LAM, see our links to TSC organisations in the section below. The Tuberous Sclerosis Complex International website has links to member organisations.

Click on the map locations to access the websites. Please let us know of other LAM groups so we can add them to the map.

Website resources and online communities

More online information and resources in your language

Links to information on LAM websites and online forums across the world where you can find others going through similar experiences. As many women with tuberous sclerosis also have LAM, we have included links to tuberous sclerosis organisations here too.

We do not endorse or moderate any of these websites or online groups so do think about the details you share and check any advice offered with a healthcare professional.