What is an interstitial lung disease?

More about interstitial lung disease

When interstitial lung disease (ILD) is found in children it is called ChILD. This term covers a large group of rare lung diseases which all affect the interstitium (a network of tissue inside the lung).

Specific ChILD conditions

Information about some of the more common ChILD conditions

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There are over 200 different conditions under the ChILD umbrella. As with all rare conditions, it can take a long time to get a specific diagnosis. Information about some of the more common ChILD conditions are below:

Steps to diagnosis

Follow these steps to help with a diagnosis:

As with all investigations, make sure that you know why the test is needed and any potential complications or risks. The more you understand about what the test involves and why it is required, the easier it will be for you to consent to and support your child in having the test.

Getting a diagnosis

After investigation, your child may receive a diagnosis of ChILD

Read our stories from parents who have faced similar situations and see our Treatment page as well as Support. Many parents find this a very difficult time.