The treatment team

The treatment for your child will be tailored to their specific needs

The most important member of the treatment team is you, the parent. You know your child best and spend the most time with them. But you are not alone. The treatment team looking after your child is not just the specialist doctor but will include other key professionals too.

Oxygen therapy

Supplementary oxygen helps children with low oxygen levels

With chILD, less oxygen may be taken across the lungs into the blood stream and when levels are too low your child may feel short of breath. Some children compensate for this by breathing faster and deeper.


Not every child needs medication

Your healthcare specialist will advise on the treatment that may be most helpful for the particular ChILD condition your child has been diagnosed with. Not every child will need medication.

Lung transplantation

Will my child need a lung transplant?

In very rare, and severe cases, a lung transplant may be considered to improve quality of life and to enable your child to live longer.