Feeding and nutrition

Helping your child to feed and thrive

Some children with ChILD may find it difficult to gain or maintain their weight. This may be because they are using up extra energy to breathe and be active.

Everyday illness

Prevention of complications

Infections are the main complication for children with ChILD (just as they are the main reason that healthy children visit their doctor).

Noticing when something is wrong

Trust yourself and your instincts

You may worry that you will not recognise quickly enough if your child is more ill but trust your own judgement - you are the expert in your child.

Education and recreation

Encourage your child to get involved

The benefit for children with ChILD in mixing with other children and getting involved in sport means they will gain important social skills and achieve benefits for their health.

Social and financial support

Getting the support you need

Financial and practical help for your child may be available.

Helpful tips

Parents share some of the things that have helped them

Help us add to these tips by sharing the things that helped you; however small, it could be a lifeline to another parent. Email jeanette.boyd@europeanlung.org and we will add them here.